Κostas Tsinidis was born in Trikala, Greece in 1955.He studied Medicine at the university of Thessalonica and now he works at the General Hospital of Trikala as a Radiology doctor.

He took his first painting lessons at Parma, Italy during his first years of study.

He uses oils with brush (surrealistic period), pastel and oils with syringes. This technique (oils with syringes) is a special one, in which the artist “catapults” the diluted oil through the syringes onto the canvas. For his technique, he has been awarded by the society of Greek Journalists in 1991 and 1992. He has also been internationally recognized by the U.M.A.M (International Club of Medicals –Artists).

Kostas Tsinaridis is one of the leaders of the new conjectural art that is named Medical Art (art with medical by products like syringes, surgical paper, radiologikal films e.g.)

He has taken place in at least 45 exhibitions with artistic teams and by himself. He is a member of the Greek Society of Medicals-Artists and of U.M.A.M.

You can find more information for him at the book of Theodoros Dolantzas “Modern Doctors –Artists” (Medical publications Litsas, pages 196-199). One of his paintings has been used as back page of the conjectural magazine “EI”

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